Trach #7 Bivona Adult Fome-Cuff 1ea.

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The Fome-Cuf Tracheostomy Tube maximizes patient comfort by incorporating state of the art silicone technology with an innovative cuff expansion system. The Fome-Cuf system allows direct cuff volume measurement, the key indicator of tracheal wall changes. The Cuff Maintenance Device (CMD), a 60 mL syringe with an attached 3-way stopcock, directly measures cuff volume and simplifies routine cuff maintenance.

This Package Includes:

  • Fome-Cuf Trach TubeObturator
  • SidePort AutoControl Inflation Line Connector Airway
  • Connector
  • CMD Cuff Inflation Controller
  • Twill Trach Tie,15 mm Disconnect Wedge
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