Concierge Services

Welcome to VRI Respiratory Services LLC Our unique respiratory approach offers concierge services to ventilator and respiratory solutions providing our customers with unmatched value all designed to increase your profitability.

Whether you are a nursing home, startup or hospital, our PPD program combined with experience and proprietary approach have saved facilities thousands of dollars in supplies, equipment, training and daily operations.

VRI Respiratory Services LLC offers a full suite of evasive and non-invasive programs including high flow oxygen therapy, cpap therapy, bi-level therapy, portable oxygen solutions and more. Additionally, we can provide full training, staffing and extensive patient setup at your facility.

Our evasive solutions include ventilator and Tracheostomy care offering all equipment and supplies.

VRI Respiratory Services LLC is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to service all of your business needs.

Nursing Homes

Since 2001, VRI Respiratory Services LLC has been serving nursing homes across the country. With more than 60 nursing homes currently being serviced, VRI Respiratory Services LLC provides a full offering of respiratory equipment and supplies.

Additionally, we offer unique custom tailored solutions and programs tailor-made to your facilities needs. We provide the highest and most technically advanced equipment and are constantly introducing the latest technologies all designed to improve the overall quality of life.

PPD Program

We offer PPD (Pay Per Day) solutions for facilities to provide all-inclusive rates to those individuals that are respiratory dependant or need intervention. Our program offers a full range of services including supplies, equipment, marketing solutions to attract more patients, consulting services focused on quality improvement programs, nursing education, evaluation of current units and evaluation of labor costs specifically to respiratory needs. We offer a free evaluation and report of your respiratory unit.

Additionally, we provide non-invasive ventilations programs, specifically bi-pap and cpap services and high flow oxygen therapy solutions.


VRI Respiratory Services LLC has years of experience consulting startup operations with respiratory setup.  Finding the right Organization that can help setup your facility is critical and we have the experience to make your respiratory unit a successful enterprise. Our startup consulting services include some of the following:

  • Physical requirements for respiratory equipment, electricity and power
  • Technical specifications for setting up ventilators
  • Hardware Specifications
  • Analysis of your center
  • All aspects of the employee hiring process
  • Assemblance of well versed respiratory team
  • Nursing Education
  • Multidisciplinary approach encompassing all aspects of nursing homes including dietary, occupational, physical therapy and quality of life improvements



Providing Hospitals with a full suite of respiratory supplies, VRI Respiratory Services LLC stocks over 20,000 square feet of diverse equipment and supplies for all your needs. We provide 24/7 customer service and emergency same day delivery for Hospitals in the tri-state area. Our drivers are specifically trained in healthcare delivery to meet all your needs.


Surgery Centers

Surgery Centers are a large part of our operation. VRI Respiratory Services LLC offers the highest quality and lowest price supplies for your facility including the following:

  • Full line of respiratory supplies
  • Full line of anesthesia supplies
  • Anesthesia kits
  • Suction kits
  • And More!


Please feel free to contact our Concierge Respiratory Services Representative to custom tailor our services to your organization, at (888) 615-2211.