What is Medical oxygen commonly used for?

What is Medical oxygen commonly used for?

Medical Oxygen (gaseous) is used whenever you are not getting enough oxygen into your blood. This situation is called hypoxia. You can suffer from hypoxia if you have breathing difficulties due to respiratory disease, chest wounds or rib fractures. Hypoxia is also seen if you are in shock, bleeding badly, have a heart attack, have other heart problems or have carbon monoxide poisoning.

Since a high level of oxygen saturation is required for cell metabolism, medical oxygen is used in these situations to ensure patients are getting the correct amount of oxygen to survive.

It works by helping you to breathe more easily via either a face mask, nasal cannula, and in some situations hyperbaric chambers. Oxygen is also used as a diluent for other gases used during anesthesia.

  • Oxygen resuscitation/Therapy
  • Home Oxygen Therapy
  • Sedation or Anesthesia/Analgesia
  • Suction
  • Acute & Chronic respiratory cases
Jan 24th 2023

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