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Atos Medical Provox XtraMoist HME Cassette 30/case (#7290)

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Provox XtraMoist (Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) Cassette (#7290) by Atos Medical, features a stick-on HME for patients who are post laryngectomy, and their upper airway are not properly conditioning the air they breathe. The XtraMoist cassette provides air that is extremely similar to the air that is regularly breathed. Featuring advanced humidification. Provox XtraMoist HME Cassette provides steady, constant airflow.

Provox XtraMoist is recommended for patients who have recently undergone a total laryngectomy, and for patients who generally use HMEs. Provox XtraMoist HME Cassette, allows the air to enter and exit through side openings, thereby preventing wet stains on clothing. The cassettes contain a strong adhesive, sealing the HME tightly so that no leaks occur while the user speaks.

The Provox XtraMoist Exchanger Package Includes:

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