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Frog Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer System (#50000)

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The Frog Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer System by Roscoe Medical is a cute kid-friendly nebulizer machine designed especially for children, to help calm fears or anxieties little children may have towards nebulizer treatments.

If you've been trying to give your child his/her aerosol delivery treatments they need, you know just how much of a struggle it can be. Your kid might see the big clunky noisy machine as a heavy duty piece of equipment, a car motor or who knows what, they're definitely not looking forward to the treatment...

Thankfully, there's a better way to get for your child all the necessary pulmonary therapy they need - it'll be peaceful, comfortable and fun!

The Frog Pediatric Compressor Nebulizer Machine is designed with your child and you in mind. It looks more like a toy than a nebulizer machine. It's a quiet machine, has a very friendly look, it is simple to use, and will be a fun and playful experience for both of you! It is the perfect solution for pediatric aerosol delivery.

Your child will be happy to be getting their aerosol delivery treatment from one of their favorite animals. Should it be Kangaroo, Dog, Bunny Rabbit, Dinosaur, Frog, Panda or any other kid-friendly nebulizer system, Venture Respiratory Inc. has them all. Is your cute one a little big-man, offer him a car design nebulizer machine, or even a fire truck design! Venture Respiratory has the BIGGEST selection of Kid-Friendly Nebulizers Machines and Accessories, giving you the chance to find the perfect solution for your children's pulmonary needs.

Here's what is included in your package:

  • Powerful Compressor that can dispense all types of respiratory medication your child needs
  • A specially designed mask for children with the right size and shape for easy use on your little one 
  • Angled mouthpiece that makes it easy to hold while sitting and leaning back comfortably
  • Disposable nebulizer set - This will give you approximately 2 weeks' worth of treatments before replacing
  • Nebulizer Tubing to take the medication down from the compressor and safely deliver it to your child
  • Five (5) extra filters to keep the treatment going to your child clean and bacteria-free, and they're easy to replace
  • Very simple and well written instruction manual.

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