Our Favorite Respironics CPAP Masks

Our Favorite Respironics CPAP Masks

It’s hard to talk about respiratory supplies without talking about Phillips Respironics, one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Let’s take a look at three exceptional Respironics CPAP masks.

Respironics Comfort Full 2 Full Face CPAP Mask
This mask lives up to its name, providing full face coverage without sacrificing comfort. The product is lightweight and forms a solid seal, affording patients who breathe through the mouth the best in CPAP care.

Simplicity Nasal CPAP Mask with Headgear
This compact nasal mask touches to top of the nose – not the bridge – so that patients can wear glasses while using CPAP respiratory supplies. But even patients without glasses will enjoy this product’s convenient size and high level of comfort.

Total CPAP Face Mask with Headgear
Compatible with both bi-level and CPAP machines, this mask provides a noninvasive alternative to other styles. It’s ideal for patients that have experienced skin irritation or had trouble forming a seal with nasal masks, in a ..Read more

Jul 23rd 2020

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