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AirSep NewLife Elite and Intensity (#AS-099-4)


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The AirSep NewLife Elite Concentrator is a high flow oxygen concentrator, specially designed for facilities, hospitals, clinical settings and even any harsh environment. It delivers up to 10 LPM of continuous oxygen. Featuring extreme robust condition and low maintenance, it is also very easy-to-use. A Pediatric flowmeter for use with infants, can be equipped to the AirSep NewLife. The unit is enabled to deliver medicated nebulizer treatment, while simultaneously providing supplemental oxygen, because of the Air Outlet option. Its high pressure capacity, being 20 psig, is about In addition, it includes more utility to intensity oxygen concentrators, because of th combination of high pressure and flow oxygen.

AirSep NewLife IntensityThe AirSep NewLife Intensity is the most durable and capable high-, continuous-flow stationary oxygen concentrator. Its high pressure capacity is approximately three times higher than most other oxygen concentrators. This stationary oxygen concentrator combines high pressure 20 psi outlet pressure with high flow to create up to 10 LPM of therapeutic oxygen. The AirSep NewLife Intensity is available in 10 LPM model.

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